Beyond the Cave

2017-2018 Staff

Sydney Taylor

Staff Reporter, Cave Critic

My name is Sydney Taylor, I am a senior this year at Summerville and a new member to the Beyond the Cave staff. I enjoy being outdoors, watching movies, playing soccer, and spending time with my squad. I joined journalism thi...

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Maddie Alexander

Staff Reporter

My name is Maddie "Ling" Alexander. I enjoy long walks along the river and old folk songs. You can usually find me outside with my best friends, or inside watching Rick and Morty. I can't wait to write for Beyond the Cave in my...

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Gianna Tippett

Staff Reporter

I am Gianna Tippett, in other words Jeona. This year is the commencement of my high school journalism experience, and sadly, the conclusion as well. I enjoy a rainy day at home with hot cup of joe and a few seasons of New Girl...

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Bailey Graham

Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Bailey Graham and this is my second year being a staff member of BTC. I enjoy spending time outside with my close friends whether it is hiking or riding horses in the mountains. I hope to bring more creative i...

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Liza Young

Staff Reporter

Hi! I'm Liza, I'm a sophomore, and this is my first year in journalism. I'm quiet and I guess I never smile. I really like grapes, banana bread, the color yellow, and "Stranger Things." I hate pictures and ranch dressing....

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Greta Thompson

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Greta Thompson. I'm in the tenth grade at Summerville High and this is my first year as a staff  journalist on Beyond the Cave. Hobbies I have include: reading historical fiction, playing piano, attending youth ...

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Emili Rico

CBO/Advertising Editor

My name is Emili Rico, I am a senior at Summerville Union High School, and this is my second year in Journalism. I enjoy running, playing basketball, listening to the good rap, and binge watching Narcos on Netflix. My favorit...

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Amanda Frese

Copy and Content Editor

My name is Amanda Frese, and I am a senior at Summerville High. I am the Copy and Content Editor for Beyond the Cave; this is my second year as a reporter for the school newspaper. I enjoy writing, and am excited to write for ...

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Kenzie Hartwig

Layout Editor

Hello! My name is Kenzie Hartwig and I am the Layout Editor for Beyond the Cave. I enjoy running, playing with my kittens, and laughing with my best friends. This is my third and final  year in Journalism, and I am excited to...

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Jesst Hart-McNeal


My name is Jesse, I joined the BTC crew as a photographer my junior year. I am enamored with storms, traveling, camping, hiking, ice caves, and really cool retro shorts from the 90s, but mostly I love ripping shots of nature and m...

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Haleigh Grabowski

Staff Reporter

I am Haleigh Grabowski, but others call me "Darla," (don't ask). I love coffee, dogs, concerts, and traveling. You can always find me crackin' jokes with my friends or hiking with my dogs. This is my second year as a reporter on ...

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Araya Hopp

Staff Reporter

My name is Araya Hopp and I am a sophomore here at Summerville. I spend my time on endless piles of homework, reading books, writing poetry, and discovering new philosophical ideas. I listen to Guns n' Roses and Melanie Martin...

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Kaitlyn Semsen

Staff Reporter

Helloooooo. My name is Kaitlyn Semsen and I am a Sophomore here at Summerville. This is my first year as a part of the Beyond the Cave staff. I like fuzzy blankets, gummy bears, and I like to take pictures. I play volleyball a...

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Haviland Stewart

Managing Editor

My name is Haviland Stewart, and I am the Managing Editor of our school paper, Beyond the Cave. I enjoy camping with friends, and eating sushi drizzled with sauce and shaped like geological features. I am a senior (but this is...

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Haley Brower


My name is Haley Brower. I am a senior at Summerville and currently serve as co-editor-in-chief for Beyond the Cave. I am going into my third year as a staff member this year. Having served as copy-editor last year, I believe ...

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Charlie Bendix

Staff Reporter

My name is Charlie Bendix; I'm a senior this year and new too Beyond the Cave staff. I enjoy reading, glittery things, drinking tea, and playing with my cats.: Lindsay and Bean Toe. I get too much homework to do anything interest...

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Mia Cheveres

Staff Reporter

I am Mia Cheveres, a sophomore at Summerville High. This year as a staff member on Beyond the Cave. My hobbies include: reading, writing, baking, photography, watching Netflix, and being out in nature. I love the rain and swimm...

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Tyler Fulkerson

Staff Reporter

My name is Tyler Fulkerson. This is my first year being a part of Beyond the Cave. I play basketball and golf here at the high school. I love to ski and spend most of my winter weekends up at Dodge Ridge flying down the mount...

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