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VOTV Vol. 21

Peyton Skinner and Leila Stuart May 14, 2024

What do you think is the most useless hobby and why? Are you ready for the school year to be over? What movie is so bad it's good? What's the strongest animal you could take in a fight? If...

Senior Assassin, run through the app Splashin, has proved entertaining to many of the participating seniors of Summerville. 
“I’m having a really good time...I check my trunk every time I get to my car, shared Ellery Stewart.

Senior Assassin: Killer Game Takes Summerville by Surprise

Leila Stuart and Peyton Skinner April 30, 2024

“Senior Assassin”—while the name may have seemed unfamiliar just months ago, this game has now become popular among the current graduating class at Summerville High.  Senior Assassin is a game...

Posters detailing the events and their times are located around the school.

Upcoming Concerts and Events

Leila Stuart and Peyton Skinner April 22, 2024

Now that Spring is here, many of the arts programs here at Summerville are going to start hosting their end-of-year events.  Mr. Bainbridge, Ms. Castle, Ms. Kyla, Ms. Dana, and Mr. Johnson are each...

The school already has cameras installed outdoors around campus that are being updated this year. The aim is for any indoor cameras to mirror these outdoor ones.

Do Cameras Belong in the Classrooms?

Leila Stuart and Peyton Skinner March 7, 2024

Summerville is considering installing cameras into teachers’ classrooms in the future. Overall, these could have positive and negative aspects but many teachers and students here at Summerville are concerned...

“I had a lot of flags. I have five senior seminar classes and two world history classes, stated Mr. Atkins when asked about his choice of classroom decor.

Classroom Customization

Leila Stuart and Peyton Skinner February 16, 2024

Teachers often love to decorate their classrooms.  Each teacher has their own, consistent, unique decorations and styles. The primary way many teachers customize their classrooms is by adding posters...

Mr. Patey teaches Economics to his fourth period class, having transitioned into this new subject halfway through the year.

Semester Class Switch

Leila Stuart and Peyton Skinner February 6, 2024

Now that the semester has ended, it is time that teachers and students make the switch between various classes. 12th grade is switching from Government to Economics and 9th grade is transitioning between...

The CAASPP testing occurs every year to assess students progress over their years of schooling.

State Testing is Almost Here: What are the Details?

Leila Stuart and Peyton Skinner January 19, 2024

In just a few months, juniors will begin state testing. Last year, there was a change to the location of the testing, so this year Beyond the Cave investigated what will change from last year and what...


Leila Stuart, Reporter December 15, 2023

If you could live in any fantasy world what would it be?   Is a hot dog a sandwich?   Would you rather be able to use a fork (no spoon) or a spoon (no fork) and why?    What...

The portables in the 400 wing have been in place since the 1980s and have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. From leaks due to the flat roof to relentless animals, the portables can come with some complications. 
According to senior Hailey Tuggle, Theyre ghetto.

Why Do We Still Have the Portables?

Leila Stuart, Reporter October 27, 2023

The portables. You know, those old classrooms in the 400 and 600 wings. Are they due for a renovation or replacement? How old are they? What are some teachers and students’ thoughts on these temporary...

Colorful Salsa Contest poster on the art building with details about the event.

World Club Salsa Contest

Kai Pradenas, Reporter October 13, 2023

This upcoming Wednesday, Oct. 8, World Club will be hosting a “salsa contest” in Mrs. Banks’ room, room 604 in the first portable just beyond the library. Beyond the Cave investigated some details...

The Summerville Union High office was swamped with schedule change requests this 2023-2024 school year. Some students did not have enough classes and needed to go into the office to add to their schedule, which could result in adding classes that were not what the students had intended. 
I was missing a third period my first day and then they put me in piano class reported Sienna Soto.

What Happened to Our Schedules?

Leila Stuart, Copy Editor September 28, 2023

The 2023-2024 school year at Summerville High started off with what seemed to be scheduling chaos but now seems to be resolved, leaving some students questioning: What happened?  This year, some students...

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