Beyond the Cave

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics: 2017-2018

Seeking out the truth and ceaselessly reporting it will be our first priority as a staff. 

We will publish only original and factual material. 

The staff will accept others’ differences and not discriminate. 

We will acknowledge every voice when reporting to the community.

We vow to never deliberately distort or fabricate information.

Our published material will remain unbiased.

We will be respectful of others’ ideas and opinions…

Holding ourselves accountable for everything we publish and accepting any ramifications that come with that…    

The school and community will come before ourselves and our own image.

We will continue to be a reliable source of information for our audience.

We will never slander any individual or group of people.

We will strive to abolish ignorance.

Beyond the Cave will serve as an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Sources who are at risk for retribution may remain anonymous in anything that we publish.  

We, the Beyond the Cave staff and the watchdogs of our community, vow to uphold this code of ethics as we pursue principled journalism.

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Code of Ethics