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Senior Sunrise: A tradition in jeopardy

September 22, 2017

Isabella Herrin

Isabella Herrin

The police department was called to the Summerville Union High School football stadium on Aug. 22 during their annual senior sunrise to investigate a suspected case of underage drinking. The suspect in question was later confirmed to have alcohol in their system, prompting the police to further investigate the rest of the senior sunrise attendees for intoxicated minors.

On the field, the police handcuffed the student by force after they initially failed to comply with instructions. Afterward, the students in the stands were lined up on the track to go through a series of sobriety tests.

Senior Erika Simonson explained how the intoxicated student was among other students who slept on campus the night before.

“Some friends and I arrived at senior sunrise to find some kids stayed the night in the field. We didn’t think much of it but we knew the kids who stayed the night would get in trouble,” she stated. “Then we realized that there was an intoxicated student and it got pretty serious from there. I felt bad that the intoxicated student was almost arrested in front of the senior class, but I do believe the consequences were deserved.”

The student was released toward the end of senior sunrise and later declined to comment on what took place.

After this case of misconduct at senior sunrise, many students fear that the event’s future is in jeopardy.

Mrs. Ditler, an administrator on duty and grade level coordinator at Summerville, declined to comment on the events that took place at senior sunrise and whether or not the tradition will change or continue in the future.

The popular opinion among the lowerclassmen, however, calls for a continuation of senior sunrise.

“I feel like if senior sunrise didn’t happen, it would sort of be like excluding the juniors and all the lower classes from a big tradition that had been going on, not only in our school, but in all the other schools,” stated junior Levi Izzo. “Many other schools do have senior sunrise and it’s really something that the juniors look forward to at their first part of their senior year.”

As a member of the Associated Student Body, Izzo is often involved in school activities. He further discussed the importance of senior sunrise to the Summerville student body in particular.

“I think it sort of lightens up the mood of the class, shows everyone the new beginning of the year, and really has them all get together on the morning before the start of school,” he said.

The student government teacher, Mrs. Soto, is involved in organizing senior sunrise each year with the students in ASB. Alike many students, she hopes to see the event continue at Summerville.

“It’s unfortunate that things did not go as planned and I hope that we will be able to continue this in years to come,” Mrs. Soto said.

It is still unknown at this point whether discussion about the future of senior sunrise is being talked about amongst Summerville administration. The certainty is that students hope to see it return before they begin senior year for themselves.

“I think that senior sunrise should still continue for more years to come as the overall message is to come together as a family for the last year of high school,” Simonson stated. “It would be a shame if senior sunrise ended because of some irresponsible student’s decisions.”


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