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Classes Perform Air Band Routines at Rally

Amanda Frese, Copy/content Editor

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On Feb. 2, all four classes at Summerville High School showcased their dancing abilities in the annual air band competition in the winter formal rally. Air band is an event that is organized by the Associated Student Body that provides an opportunity for the students to divide into classes and choreograph a dance to perform at the rally.

Based on the performance of the classes, teachers judge and decide upon a winner for the air band competition. After much consideration, the judges announced this year’s air band champion to be the senior class for their choreography to a “High School Musical” compilation.

However, before the classes performed and the seniors obtained their victory in the air band competition, all performers prepared and practiced during lunch or before school to organize their routines. Sophomore Angelina Battenini explained the work required to successfully organize an air band routine.

She stated, “The work that goes behind it includes: dividing into classes, choosing music and choreographing the music, then mashing together everybody’s ideas.”

Freshman Rylie Booth also enjoyed the process of putting together the air band routine, and the thrill of performing in front of the school. While at first many freshmen were nervous about their first air band performance, Rylie Booth explained the excitement and ease that she experienced in performing with her friends.

“The few seconds right before we ran out I was having fun, and I was a little nervous while we were standing there and waiting,” she stated. “But when I was standing with my friends we were ready to go.”

Although air band may seem a tedious process, as much work goes into organizing a choreographed dance, senior Laiken Skinner enjoyed the opportunity to perform while having fun with her fellow classmates.

“Air band is a time for everyone to come together and do something really silly and stupid in front of your class, just to do it,” she stated. “I don’t see it as an important competition, like the dance has to perfect. I think airband is a time to just let loose and have fun.”

Although air band requires hard work, it is also an opportunity for students to perform with their fellow students, and enjoy learning and organizing a routine with their friends. While it is too late to participate in the air band performance this year, all students are encouraged to participate in the air band competition for next year’s winter formal rally.

OHANA. Upon finishing the air band competition, all four classes join together for a final dance routine to the song “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride.” While dancing altogether, senior Erika Simonson reminisced on her favorite memory of air band, as she has participated in air band all four years of high school. She stated, “My favorite memory was winning.”

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Classes Perform Air Band Routines at Rally