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BEARS V. WILDCATS. The lady Bears line up for the national anthem in anticipation of the big game.

BEARS V. WILDCATS. The lady Bears line up for the national anthem in anticipation of the big game.

Claire Caldera

Claire Caldera

BEARS V. WILDCATS. The lady Bears line up for the national anthem in anticipation of the big game.

Summerville Sports Teams Take on Sonora

January 17, 2018

 The Summerville soccer teams faced Sonora on Jan. 4 2018. The girls teams played an away game at Dunlavy field. The JV girls soccer team fell 2-1 to Sonora. The varsity girls soccer team played a competitive game with no scoring until the second part of the first half.

After lots of back and forth from both team and with eight minutes on the clock, Maddie Mitchell assisted Grace Davis for the first goal of the game, putting Sonora up 1-0. The first half came to end with no more goals but a yellow card was given to Victoria Smith. Grace Davis scored again in the beginning of the second half creating a lead of 2-0.

However, with still twenty-three minutes left in the second half, Grace Davis was carried off the field with a severe leg cramp. Summerville continued to battle and midway through the half Morgan Wilkie made a crouching stop to kept Sonora from scoring.

Then Summerville lost another starter with 15 minutes left in the half as Shiloh Quincy was also carried off the field with bad calf cramping. Sydney Taylor replaced Quincy. Sonora scored their first goal with ten minutes left in the half making the score 2-1 Summerville. Quincy returned to the game with seven minutes left but Davis was still unable to walk.

With just four minutes left, one of Sonora’s key players Brenna Canepa was taken out of the game by a yellow card. She quickly returned to the game on a dead ball and Sonora tied the game up with two minutes left. The game ended in a tie.

Haley Brower
SLICK. Junior and foreign exchange student Rafael Hashimoto pursues the ball while playing against Calaveras.













The boys soccer team played the same night. The JV team lost 2-1 with freshman Shane scoring Summerville’s goal. The Varsity team beat Sonora 1-0 as Jason Vacarezza scored the only goal of the game. Thus far, the boys soccer team is the only varsity sport to beat Sonora this year.

Summerville’s basketball teams faced Sonora the following day on Jan. 5. The JV girls basketball team beat Sonora 41-32 in a close game that went back and forth all four quarters. Summerville pushed through and came out with a 33-46 win. The Varsity girls team had a rough time making shots fall and came out with a loss of 31-49. The JV boys basketball team lost.
The varsity boys basketball played a tough game but also lost with a score of 50-70.

HUDDLE. The Summerville high girls soccer team huddled up before the start of the second half, feeling confident with a 2-0 lead. The girls were feeling tired though and had to do some stretching during half time to stay loose.

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