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Gas Prices Soar

Gianna Tippett, Reporter

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The gas prices are currently at an average of $2.75-$3.00 all around Tuolumne County. Some of the most conveniently placed gas stations, are also some of the most expensive.

As high schoolers, students are driving a significant amount. Whether it be driving to school or extracurricular activities and back, driving to work, or driving to a coffee date with friends, there is a price for gas. By the end of high school, most students are paying for their own gas and struggle to find a way to pay for gas every week. Some parents will pay for gas to school and back, but the student still has to pay for extracurriculars or work.

Summerville junior Emma Burns stated, “My parents give me $40 a week for to and from school, but I pay for outside of school driving.”

Burns drives an older car that does not have great gas mileage, so it takes more to pay for extra activities, especially as the prices go up. Other students pay for all their gas, whether it be to and from school, or not.

Senior Jared Brick stated,“It sucks because I pay $75 to fill up my tank. I can’t drive that far now because I pay my own gas money, and as a high school kid you don’t have that much money.”

Brick also drives a car with not so great gas mileage, as well as paying for all the gas that is put in his car. As a high school student, there is not a wide variety of vehicles to buy, due to limited money that teenagers are able to pay for a car.

Jarron Fleming, also a senior at Summerville High School, stated, “Now I don’t have the money to get out of town. So I spend close to $200 every week and a half, so it’s just a struggle, because minimum wage isn’t that high either.”

If students are working, a lot of the time, their earnings go toward gas for their vehicle. Gas that will be used to drive to work, to earn more gas money. If gas prices continue to go up, it will only get harder for and be more unfair for poor high school students.


Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Gas Prices Soar