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New Year New Me
January 8, 2018

Bailey's Column

October is finally here! Did you know there are haunted locations around Tuolumne county? Very creepy… if you are brave enough to go to these locations here they are.

Sonora Inn – The 1896 hotel is haunted by a little girl who has been there since it was built, you’ll see her bouncing a ball in the hallways. The elevator is also haunted, and has been moving floor to floor and opening and closing without anyone pressing a button.

Sonora Dome Building- Was built in 1909 and has many reports of it being haunted. Visitors or workers have reported hearing and seeing a sobbing women on the second floor. Others have also reported if you try to comfort the women she vanishes though the walls.


Creeped out yet? Well don’t worry there is more that are to close to home!


Tuolumne General Hospital- Now abandoned, use to be a place for miners from the Gold Rush. People have said things around have been throw around, heard people talking and sometimes dark figures have been seen. If you want to know more about this haunted location check out Travel Channal Ghost Adventures.

Gunn House Hotel- In the 1850’s hotel it was the county hospital and a boarding house. Here are some rooms you should stay at if you’re brace Room #11, guests that have stayed the night have been awoken by an unseen entity rearranging the furniture in the room. The next room is room #10 a guest was reported being dragged out of bed by a violent entity. In other rooms, a ghost has been known to hop into bed with couples, while others have reportedly felt the sensation of being watched. The most haunted is room #12 guests have opened their door to a terrifying man in an old-fashioned suit standing at the end of their bed.

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Wanna Get Spooked?