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Mr. Atkins: Teacher to GLC

Mia Cheveres, Reporter

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FUTURE. Mr. Atkins and his 7th and 8th graders looking at thier bright future ahead. Courtney Moreno said, “He’s great. He’s there when you need him.”

Mr. Atkins, a grade level coordinator, former teacher, and Summerville alum has been working here at Summerville Union High School for nine years. He taught World History in 2015 before he became a GLC. His dedication to his students is amazing and most people really love having him around campus. Many seniors, including Damien Reyes, agree with this.

Damien Reyes said, “He’s just a great guy. We all respect him so much.”

Mr. Atkins was a passionate teacher who loved being in the classroom.  What was created by the end of the year, with all the students coming together, was one that he enjoyed.

“We didn’t know anything about each other and now we’re all having fun and learning at the same time,” said Mr. Atkins.

Originally, Mr. Atkins was never looking to become a grade level coordinator because he loved to teach. It would have taken many hours commuting to take the classes in order to get an administration credential.

He stated, “I never ever wanted to do that.”

Soon enough the opportunity came along and he decided to take it. There were satellite classes being offered at the Tuolumne County office of Education, and Mr. Atkins took them, intending to eventually become part of the administration. Before long, two administration positions became available at Summerville. Even after finding this out, Mr. Atkins was still not interested in the position.

“[I thought] No. I’m not really interested. I love teaching. Why would I leave teaching?” answered Mr. Atkins.

He decided that he would continue to think about the opportunity even though he was set on not taking the job. After thinking about it, he came to the conclusion that he would apply for the job.

Mr. Atkins said, “I prayed about it and woke up the next day after reading the job description and all of the sudden I was excited about applying, which was kind of crazy.”

He did a great job at transitioning from teacher to part of the administration and made it seem like no big deal at all.

Mr. Atkins stated, “It was pretty good. It helped knowing everybody here but there was a big learning curve. It’s a lot different, but overall, looking back, I think the year went smoothly.”

Even students had something to say about a former teacher being in an administration position.

“I think he did [the transition of postions] really well. I never got any indication that he had any problems with it or anything,” said junior Sabrina Jensen.

Although Mr. Atkins does miss his teaching career, he is having a wonderful time as a grade level coordinator.

“One of the differences between this and teaching is I get to work with students one on one a lot. I was excited about the possibility of getting more time with students one on one,” stated Mr. Atkins.

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Mr. Atkins: Teacher to GLC